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Project Management
G. Fisher Commercial Construction
Construction Technology

Our company will utilize the combined experience, expertise and depth of its construction staff to review and interpret architectural and engineering drawings for the best possible approach to the project’s development. They will also define means and methods to facilitate expeditious scheduling.

Our close contact with our subcontractor base and material suppliers allow us to utilize the most contemporary information and technologies available. We openly solicit alternative methods from all parties involved with our projects. This results in the implementation of the most efficient methods and best materials for use within any given scenario, which we feel provides the end-user with the best product possible.

Value Engineering

We utilize value engineering at a project’s conceptual stage, design stage and during the building process.

Initial interaction among the team member’s enables pre-design efficiencies which will result in a potential for cost savings with reduced drawing, lead and construction times.

During the design process, we will lead the team through a comprehensive process of review and input of the design work produced to date to ensure that all alternatives have been considered and analyzed, allowing for the achievement of the highest quality project at a reduction in cost and project construction times.

Subcontractor Procurement

Our company will review the drawings and specifications available and produce related bidding packages based upon traditional phases and contractor areas of expertise to facilitate procurement of subcontractor and supplier services. A preliminary list of proposed bidders can be submitted to the project team for review, adjustment and approval.

Utilizing the approved vendor bid list, trade contractors and suppliers will be invited to submit competitive bids for the work involved. Bidding time will be adjusted based on the complexity and scope of each phase as defined by the input of the project team and project schedule.

All bids will be reviewed and qualified by our project manager. Comparisons and recommendations will be presented to the project team for evaluation and acceptance.

Selected construction team members will enter into contractual agreements directly with us, which will have ultimate responsibility for regulatory control and coordination.

On-Site Management

To effectively progress to project completion, communication among the project team and related parties is critical. The role of project manager is to assume single source management and communication responsibility, and be the primary point of contact for all project team members.

Based on project development and progress, our project manager will lead the team in a defined weekly meeting covering design, construction, budget, scheduling, project related issues, and overall status, followed by distribution of published meeting minutes. The project manager will coordinate and distribute any informational requirements delineated by the project team.

Job site subcontractor meetings will be conducted by the project superintendent with the selected construction team on a weekly basis, supplemented as needed to assure schedule adherence and coordination of issue resolution. Rapid development and project coordination requires the project superintendent to interact at the beginning of each shift with respective members of the construction team to allow for effective and efficient distribution, implementation, and use of the latest design information.

Our job site management is assisted through continuous review and evaluation of subcontractor performance and on-site record maintenance defined by the project team.

Project Accounting

Project accountability and document control are key to successfully managing the construction process. Our project manager has bottom-line responsibility for a monthly summary package consisting of:

Project Cost Report – the primary tool for cash flow analysis consisting of spreadsheet delineation of the original budget (schedule of values), scope changes impacting the budget, subcontracts let, subcontracts pending, approved change orders, and revised project projections:
  • AIA document G702/703 Certificate for Payment progress payment request
  • AIA document G701 Change Order for changes, if any
  • Waivers of Lien to date
  • Verification of subcontractor’s insurance to meet the client’s requirements
  • Other documentation outlined by the project team will consist minimally of the following:
    • RFI – (Request For Information)
    • RFP – (Request For Proposal)
    • Standard Submittal Routing Forms
All subcontractor requests for change are reviewed for accuracy and applicability prior to submission to the project team for authorization. The project manager will act in the best interest of the owner to negotiate a fair, competitive price for the work involved and recommend an amount for approval. Project record maintenance is inclusive of backup verification of work performed without prior authorization from the client.

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